2b1 inc. provides solutions that safeguard your system against data loss and outside disruptions via email, web browsing and other network intrusions. Whether it is hardware or software related, we help you protect your system from unauthorized access.


With existence of hundred of viruses, an anti virus program is a must have. It can be a simple manageable option or it can be a full centralized solution that updates all your PCs on your network.

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Spyware and PopUp Blocking

Spyware are programs that self install when you access malicious web pages. Protect yourself and your firm from this type of attacks. Prevent your personal information from being stolen.

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Anti-Spam Filters

We receive more e-mail today than ever before but only a few are relevant. These unwanted disruptive e-mails waste valuable time and advantage. Use a SPAM filter to remove most of those unwanted e-mails and save time for your relevant e-mails.

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A Firewall sits between your network or PCs and the Internet. They make it more difficult for hackers to connect to your networks, servers and PCs by checking and blocking un-authorized traffic.

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Document Management

Document Management programs allow you to create groups of users with different privileges. For example a Legal Assistant, Partners and the Finance department would be assigned different access folders. There is also an audit trail to track who accessed or deleted documents as an add vantage to securing your documentation. Versioning, profiling, indexing are other major features of Document Management programs.

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