IT Services

Our consultants will assess the performance of your current systems and help you decide which products and services will best meet the needs of your office. Leasing is available for our hardware, software and services.

Installations and Upgrades

Hardware capacity and life cycles impact cost-effective decisions when selecting and installing software. Our consultants properly assess and provide hands-on installation of both software applications and equipment solutions. We save you money in the short and long-term.



Our knowledgeable consultants offer on-site and remote learning solutions to maximize your computer skills and increase your knowledge base. We’ll help you sharpen your competitive edge and get the most out of your office technology. We offer tandem training to in-house IT teams.


Technical Support

Our consultants guarantee timely troubleshooting by phone and on-site support. We offer secure remote support and monitoring of client networks. Send us a brief description of your problem using the 2b1 inc. Contact Us page. Let us know if you need assistance on-site or by phone using our remote access. Remote access allows us the power to “walk you through” your problem with one of our friendly consultants while minimizing complicated explanations. Note the problem you are experiencing and we will have the next available consultant contact you by phone and/or email.

Be sure to ask about 2b1 inc.’s affordable maintenance plans.


2b1 inc. provide solutions that safeguard your system against data loss and outside disruptions via email, web browsing and other network intrusions. Whether it is hardware or software related, 2b1 inc. helps you protect your system from unauthorized access.


E-Mail Systems

2b1 inc. will make both your internal and external e-mail a secure and trouble free option for sending and receiving information. Internet Browsing, Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Avoid being an unsuspecting victim of hackers and intrusive marketing trackers. We cover the vulnerable holes in your network system – PCs, Servers and Firewalls.


Network Infrastructure

2b1 inc. provides the affordable maintenance plans necessary to meet the demands of your business, keeping your office computers and network finely tuned and operational. Whether you need assistance with your Internet provider or an assessment of the outlets in your office, we work with you to find the most efficient support plan and layout for your network-increased capacity, improved uptime and communications.



Whether you are planning to purchase or lease, 2b1 inc. can procure and install all of your basic network equipment ~ Servers, PCs, laptops, printers and external devices such as PDAs – Personal Digital Assistant



2b1 inc. consultants are skilled in helping you select, implement and manage software, whether it is general computer operations or specialized practice management. We offer best practice solutions to improve your staff’s productivity for managing your clients’ billing and information resources faster and more efficiently.