Now your small and medium size businesses can have all the email features that previously had been reserved for the Big Guys only.

Working with many attorneys for many years, we noticed large law corporations running expensive and complicated email servers with SPAM filters, and many other useful features. We thought our clients could benefit from having all the same features like: email with a professional SPAM filter, secure web access from anywhere, access from their smart phones, and synchronizing their calendar and contacts, to name a few.

It didn’t make sense to have our clients with small and medium businesses spend thousands of dollars on an email server, so we decided to provide our own hosted email service, make it really secure, reliable, convenient and offer it as a service where our clients pay by account only. This is 2b1mail.

Remote access anywhere there is internet access

Not dependent on your infrastructure firm e.g server, power or Internet connection failure.

Access your account from Window, Mac or Linux PCs.

Have firm wide folders e.g. Global Contact list, Firm Calendar, Firm Info-inbox accessible to all or some firm members.

Integrated e-mail archiving

Uses Outlook with its user friendly interface on your regular PC.

Uses Outlook like web interface from any PC.

Easily transfer your current e-mail to 2b1mail server by clicking and dragging.

 Integrated backup (also check out 2b1backup for Offsite backing up of your documents, Case Management DB and Financial information)

No purchase of communication e-mail server hardware saving several thousands of dollars including installation and maintenance consultant time.

No purchase of expensive e-mail antivirus. Included.

No purchase of e-mail server software support. Included.

No purchase of expensive anti spam. Included.