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WORLDOX GX3 Document Management

WORLDOX lets you describe electronic documents by filling in profiles fields as you create documents or transfer them into your network. The profiles are set up within defined categories and organized based on your particular business requirements. Thus each department or practice area can create its own unique profiling hierarchy.

The document profiles determine how documents are stored physically on the company network and provide a ready means for users to locate specific documents, or to cast a wider net, searching for documents relevant to particular business purposes or matters.

WORLDOX also delivers industrial strength full-text searching, comprehensive document and e-mail management capabilities, and productivity-enhancing collaboration features. It is this unique combination of profile searching and full-text searching, in combination with a full palette of document management services (such as document check-in and check-out, version control, work lists, integrated file viewing, file activity auditing, reporting, file-level security, and more) that puts WORLDOX in a class by itself.

Designed with dozens of shortcuts and convenience features like Quick Profiles and Search Templates, an attractive, easy-to-use interface, and an all-new file Bookmarking system, WORLDOX GX seamlessly connects users with the firmís intellectual capital, enhancing efficiency, focus, and effectiveness throughout the organization.

WORLDOX GX3 Document Management

Price $425.00

WORLDOX GX3 is a multi-award-winning Document Management System. WROLDOX GX3 incorporates document management and e-mail management. Don't loose any document! Worldox GX3 has sophisticated security groups and audit trail capability. Contact us for the Worldox GX3 web module. Mandatory support contract required for each license of WORLDOX GX3. Reliable Document Management without the MS SQL server. 2b1 is a Certified Worldox Consultant

Worldox - Document Management - Support license

Price $94.00

Take advantage of World Software's very savvy support team and the updates to this excellent award wining product Worldox. First year this support is mandatory and needs to match the number of licenses purchased. Get answer all you Worldox questions and also get free software upgrades while in the support period. Mandatory support for Worldox 1 year. 2b1 inc. is a Certified Worldox Consultant.

  • System Requirements

File Server Requirements for Worldox GX3

Worldox GX3 does not require a dedicated file server. It simply needs one (or more) public drives mapped to a resource with sufficient disk space to hold the documents and the associated databases at each office.

The Worldox GX3 database overhead is approximately 25-35% of the profiled documents. For example, for every 100 MB of documents, Worldox GX3 may use up to an additional 35 MB to store and index associated profiles and text.

The Worldox GX3 databases must reside on the same resource (drive) as the documents. World Software recommends setting aside enough free disk space per managed resource to maintain at least five (5) years of additional documents.

Profile/Text Indexer Workstation Requirements for Worldox GX3

Worldox GX3 requires at least one Profile/Text indexer PC per office. Worldox GX3 indexers are standard workstation-class PCs. Their local disk requirements are for temporary space only; no permanent data is stored on an indexer. Most of todayís off-the-shelf workstations are sufficient to serve as an indexer.

Important Note: Your database build and update times correlate directly to the speed and resources of your indexer PC. If you have large data sets, Worldox Software recommends utilizing a more powerful PC for indexing.

Minimum recommended Profile/Text Indexer workstation specifications are:

  • Processor: Pentium III (or higher).
  • Memory: 1 Gig of RAM (or more)
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Free Local Disk Space: At least 50% of the disk size of the documents being indexed.
  • Network Connection: 100 Mbps, connected directly to your network backbone