"We understand how your business works"

Legal Evolve™ Practice Management Solutions

Legal Evolve™ is the product of 7 years hard work that specifically addresses the concerns and needs of the legal industry today. Legal Evolve™ is easy-to-use, practice management software unlike any other on the market. Everything is designed to complement the way you work and NOT to impose features you don't need and won't use.

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Work Better Access all client case information anytime and anywhere. Reduce the risk of misplacing files. Accelerate delivery of documents to clients. Work Smarter Reduce wasteful tasks & boost productivity. Increase profitability of chargeable tasks and have up-to-date status on all matters. Streamline Unify procedures and processes. Eliminate duplicate data entry. Help your Staff find what they need when they need it.

  • Features

Legal Evolve™ stores all the details gathered about a particular case in one centralized location to allow you to quickly find anything you need with the click of a button.

Document Management Constantly referring to the physical file can be time consuming and costly. Legal Evolve™ securely stores all your documents, so you can be sure they are available for easy retrieval the instant they are needed.

Brief Editors/Data books The days of manually compiling a brief from multiple documents, paginating and preparing a table of contents are over. Legal Evolve™ automates this laborious task in seconds, with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Email Legal Evolve™ works directly with Microsoft Outlook, automatically routing emails to cases based on agreed criteria. Also, emails can be “dragged and dropped” to the case for extra efficiency and ease-of-use.

Workflow Automation Nobody knows your business like you do! Our innovative Workflow feature automates the process within your own unique work environment; ensuring each activity in the life of a case is completed, audited and tracked.

Call Logs Integrated phone call tracking system; as a call is made or received, it can be linked to the appropriate client or matter, creating a detailed log of all calls.

Search Facility Quickly locate the document/file/client details you need. Find any piece of documentation (including scanned images), based on content, name, date, size or any other criteria you like.

Diary-Calendar/Tasks/Call One office, one calendar. All staff can manage all tasks and appointments with ease. As each one is related to a particular client’s file/matter, you are provided with an instant overview and report of file activity.

Reports Do you know how many clients need to come in to update their wills? Do you know offhand exactly how many RTAs you closed last year? Being able to create a report on ANY information that is in the system, means you can keep a full health-check of your business.

Scanning A comprehensive scanning solution that includes OCR, allows all hardcopy documentation to be easily incorporated into the system. The use of barcodes, allows for automatic routing of these scanned documents onto their cases.

Contacts & Clients A database of contacts is stored in one central location, which can easily be attached to each new client/matter, reducing the need for duplicate data entry.

Tracking Changes Changes to all documents, templates and workflows are automatically tracked; compare versions of documents, and revert to any previous version, as you need to.

Advanced Document Assembly Rather than staff manually updating content and re-using documents from other case files, drafts can be auto-generated from relevant case information into any number of your own pre-approved templates. We support calculations.

Audit SupportAn automatic log of all activity is maintained. Whenever a document is created, modified, opened, checked-out, checked-in, renamed or deleted, a record is made of the user and time.

Time Recording Legal Evolve automatically tracks and records all time spent on every client, case & file, so you don't have to!