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Just when you thought that managing your practice couldn't get any easier, it does. Amicus Mobile is the first integrated mini practice management product for Windows Mobile phones version 5 and up. This revolutionary add-on to Amicus Attorney Premium Edition turns any PDA or Smartphone that uses Window Mobile into a miniature version of Amicus Attorney.

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  • Features
  • System Requirements
  • Real-time connectivity to the Amicus server (no need to cradle your handheld device)
  • Everything you do or change happens not only on your PDA, but within moments back at the office as well
  • Automatically keep a record of all incoming and outgoing calls on your handheld
  • Automatic time entries for all phone calls
  • Do time entries on any file
  • View lists of unposted time entries by date or range
  • View complete file index
  • View basic file details including all the people on each file
  • Make notes on any file
  • View list of all notes for the day plus unassociated notes
  • Send and receive stickies (instant messages) to and from other Amicus users
  • Make calls and return phone messages on any file
  • Send an email to any contact on a file
  • View list of outstanding calls and messages
  • Set calendar appointments or tasks on any file
  • Using the calendar built into your PDA, you can access all Amicus appointments and tasks and make and see real-time changes (requires Outlook Contact & Calendar Synchronization)
  • Add parties to a file
  • Using the contact manager built into your PDA, you can access all Amicus contacts and make and see real-time changes (requires Outlook Contact & Calendar Synchronization)
  • Optional exclude personal contacts
  • Offline database lets you access Amicus Mobile even if you are out of range of a cell phone signal
Amicus Mobile is an add-on component to Amicus Attorney 2008 Premium Edition (SP1 or higher). The following requirements are in addition to those for Amicus Attorney:

Computer hosting Amicus Mobile Server as Web server
  • 30 MB Free Disk Space
  • 1 GB RAM Recommended
  • Windows 2000 Server / XP Professional / Server 2003 / Vista / Server 2008
  • IIS Version 5 or higher
  • Publicly accessible Static IP Address and/or registered Web domain name
  • Internet connection bandwidth sufficient for # of users (DSL equivalent)

Each Amicus Mobile user's workstation
  • Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 or higher / Windows Mobile Device Center
    Each Amicus Mobile user's handheld device
  • Windows Mobile 5 / Windows Mobile 6
  • 2 MB space plus sufficient space for Amicus data