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Amicus Attorney 2015 Premium Edition - 1st License
Regular Price: $999.00 Sale Price: $899.00

Amicus Attorney 2014 - Additional License
Regular Price $699.00
Sale Price: $599.00

Amicus Attorney 2015 PE is the most powerful version of Amicus ever developed. It is absolutely bursting with new enhancements to help your firm work faster and smarter than ever before. Now with enhanced Amicus Anywhere and Timetracker, Web and Mobile access, you can connect with most of your Amicus office online. Now with Amicus Attorney 2015 Client Portal!
  • Amicus Attorney 2015 PE has a complete new modern look with an old familiar feel.
  • New phenomenal e-mail management capabilities that place your Outlook mailboxes inside Amicus! and can connect to your Microsoft Exchange server
  • A new Chronology page in the Files that is sortable and exportable in Excel, Word, PCF and more. With drilldown capability.
  • Customizable Auto Text, type "tcc" in your time sheet and it will be automatically replaced with "Telephone conference with client".
  • Log in to your Amicus office from any workstation in your firm.
  • Search quickly for anything in Amicus with the new Search tool.
  • Connect over the Internet and work from wherever you are - home, a branch office, even an airport lounge
  • Powered by the more powerful, stable, flexible and scalable Microsoft SQL database
  • Powerful integration with Microsoft Exchange Sync your Contacts, Appointments, Tasks and email even when your Amicus Attorney office and Outlook are closed..
  • File intake forms - Customize Amicus Attorney to collect from the beginning all the information that you get at first meeting with your new clients and start a precedent too.
  • NEW Add roles on the Firm Members in a file. E.g. referring attorney, Responsible attorney, associate, paralegal, assistant and more. Then use these groups to assign precedents
  • NEW Improved Amicus Anywhere and Time Tracker- Use your browser on your Mac, PC and Linux to access your Amicus data or use your tablet or smartphone. Now with advance searches and Notes module
  • NEW - Amicus Attorney CLIENT PORTAL let your clients access Amicus Attorney Appointments and documents that you choose to share SECURELY (better than email). Then use stickies to collaborate with your clients.
AMICUS ATTORNEY is the world's leading practice management software for law firms. Over 250,000 legal professionals around the world use it to organize their files, contacts, calendars, communications and tracking their time. Lawyers rely on Amicus Attorney to keep themselves organized and share cases information with their team, reduce their risk and increase their billable time. All within a single software application that is remarkably easy to learn and use. Amicus Attorney 2015 Premium is ideal for small, medium and large firms. It offers advanced security features. You only need one 1st license which contains the Amicus Administrator and the database. 2b1 inc. as a top Amicus Independent Consultant AIC has been helping firms with Amicus Attorney since 1997.