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2b1 Backup On-Site and Off-Site Backup Solutions

There are many ways you could lose your data. From natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, fire and floods. To "human disasters”, accidentally deleting files and folders, corruption of documents, overwriting existing documents, or even break-in and burglary of your computers.

Of course, there is the possibility of your computer hard drive crashing because of age, accidental kicking or being wiped out by a computer virus and other malware.

2b1Backup can’t prevent a disaster from happening, but you can prepare for it. By backing up your important information locally and on 2b1Backup state-of-the-art servers, you are insuring your data and you are set for a fast recovery from data loss.

2b1Backup works by getting your data at your server, compresses it and encrypts it. Then 2b1Backup sends the encrypted data over the Internet to our servers on secure data-centers . This allows you to restore your information from any PC connected to the internet.

Unlike consumer backup services, 2b1Backup is a professional grade backup system that allows backup of databases (MS SQL, Borland…), e-mail servers (MS Exchange, Kerio…), applications and more..